RPA partners to solve the gaps in quality of care in newborns, child and adolescent

Rwanda Paediatric Association and its partners are holding a 6th Annual conference aiming at bridging the gaps in quality of care for every newborn, child and adolescent. This two days conference will tackle challenges on newborn, child and adolescent care and ways to overcome those challenges.

During this conference which is happening in Kigali since 14th october 2022 till friday 15th october 2022, Prof Lisine Tuyisenge who leads The Rwanda Paediatric Association (RPA) during the opening remarks thank colleagues and all comers of the globe and reminded them that they are pillars of their nations to fill the gaps in quality of care for every neonate, child and adolescent in Rwanda.

“For the pediatricians, hospital delegates and policy makers present in this room, know that you are a pillar that our nation counts on to fill the gaps in quality care for every neonate, child, and adolescent in Rwanda.”

Rwanda Paediatric Association President,Prof. Lisine TUYISENGE

“As you know, in contrast to past years, the recent Demographic Health Survey revealed that the neonatal mortality rate decreased only by one from 20 per 100 Live births in 2015 to 19 per 100 Live births in 2020. Of this rate, neonatal deaths account for 42% of under-five mortality.”

Dr. Christian UMUHOZA is a consultant pediatrician working at university Teaching Hospital of Kigali (CHUK. His field of interest covers emergency medecine, infectious diseases, critical care and clinical research.

Dr. Christian UMUHOZA is a consultant pediatrician working at university Teaching Hospital of Kigali

“Strong measures has been made by the Government, the first one was to increase the number of nurses and the second one was to build health facilities that would resolve the issue of Newborn Child, and Adolescent.” He said

Vrushank Dave (Cachet country manager)

Vrushank Dave (Cachet country manager) said that Cachet was established in 1978, Cachet is one of the India’s leading pharmaceutical company. We are engaged in manufacturing and marketing of a wide range of pharmaceutical formulations and nutraceuticals to meet the demands of domestic and international market. We are ranked 58th in the Indian Pharmaceutical industry and our growth is 36% (IMS Jul 2016). Our sales revenue from domestic business is 2955mn and 186mn from export business.

“We provide a wide range of products – Antibiotics, NSAIDs, Gastrointestinal, Nutritional, Anti-osteoporosis, Gynae and other segments.Our leading brands include Traxol, Traxol-S, Traxol-T, Lysoflam, NE, I-UP, Cavit-PM, PNZ, PNZ-D, Vitoc-D, Cadbe,Vitzin , Pamagin, P40, Moxate, Capritaz, Merotiva, Cachpar etc.”

Vrushank Dave (Cachet country manager) and Niyokwizerwa Lydia in exhibition

Vrushank Dave kept saying that domestic formulations business is organized across 4 strategic business units (SBUs) with each SBU focusing on mix of speciality segments.Our domestic spread includes 4 depots 1 Central warehouse at Ambala,25 C&F agents, 5 Consignee agents and 3000+ stockists. Our total employee strength is 1305.

“Cachet has only one state of art manufacturing facility at Baddi( Himachal), run by qualified and expert professionals as per national and international regulatory requirements.”

“Cachet is among the well known exporters for QUALITY and COMPETITIVE pricing. Within a short span of its foray into the export market, Cachet has earned itself a formidable presence across almost 15 countries in Asia, CIS countries, Africa. A number of Brands of Cachet have emerged as Brand Leaders in India.”

Ritha Ingabire medical representative Dafra Pharma is a European pharmaceutical company that aims to bring high quality medicines within reach of people in Africa. For 24 years, Dafra Pharma develops innovative solutions for healthcare problems that people in Africa come across on a daily basis.

“Dafra Pharma’s success is based on the following pillars, We care about our patients, we listen to the needs of our patients to develop effective medicines and we continuously develop and improve our medicines.” She said.

Ritha Ingabire Medical Representative of Dafra Pharma international NV and Musengimana Abel during Rwanda paediatric Association

MUSENGIMANA Abel concerning what Dafra Pharma is and what it does said that: “We develop, market and distribute high-quality pharmaceutical products in Sub-Saharan Africa. Twenty five years of experience and a well-established organisation with a professional staff and local knowledge ensure that our customers receive the best possible service.”

Musengimana continued saying that they started with the development of antimalarial drugs, grew into a vast portfolio of generic products of the highest European quality standards. They are continuously expanding our portfolio to address the needs of all our African customers.

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